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Kristina L. Lindsay, 35, of 220 East Frankiln Street Apartment 2, Taylorville was arrested on May 25 on issuance of warrant.

Charlene L. Ray, 60 of 901 Southeast Sixth Street Morrisonville was arrested on May 25th for possession control.

Amber N. Durbin, 20, of 103 West First Street, Morrisonville was arrested on May 24 for domestic battery.

Crystal L. Anders,  27, of 101 James Street, Bulpitt was arrested on May 24 for domestic battery, battery, and home invasion.

Tammy R. Durbin, 44, of 1028 Springfield Road, Kincaid was arrested on May 24 on a bond forfeiture for failure to appear and answer.




On May 23, a Taylorville Police Department officer was advised of a retail theft from Taylorville Walmart. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Terry L. Boyd, 51, of Pawnee and Karla J. Gregory, 45, of Springfield had been arrested in Springfield for retail theft. Boyd and Gregory were given notices to appear on the Taylorville charges while at Sangamon County Jail.


On May 24 at 2:05pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were alerted about a Blue Cadillac being driven to town by Tammy Durbin, 44, of Stonington. Durbin had a valid warrant from Christian County. Officers made contact with Durbin at the Springfield Clinic in Taylorville. Durbin was arrested and transported to Christian County Correction Center.


On May 25 at 2:16am, a Taylorville Police Department officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for no rear registration light and improper lane usage. Upon the investigation, Samuel A. Sassetelli, 22, of Taylorville was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sassetelli was transported to Taylorville Police Department for processing and was released after posting his Illinois Drivers License and $100 cash bond.


On May 25 at 7:19pm, Taylorville Police Department were out at 220 East Franklin Apartment 2. Officers made contact with Kristina L. Lindsey, 35, who had a valid Christian County Warrant. The warrant for Lindsey was confirmed through Law Enforcement Agencies Data System. Officers allowed Lindsey to make arrangements for bond and get something to eat before being transported to Christian County Correction Center. While waiting on Lindsey to get ready, officers noticed a cat pawing at a door. Officers attempted to open the door and located Charlene L. Ray, 60, in the closet. Ray has a valid Christian County warrant that was confirmed through Law Enforcement Agencies Data System. Both were transported to Christian County Correction Center,


On May 26, at 6:07pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shop lifter. Walmart Loss Prevention reported Jerry L. Hay, 48, of Taylorville was armed with a utility knife, and was also in possession of a pellet gun. When officers arrived, loss prevention had the shoplifter detained. Subsequent to investigation, Hay was arrested for retail theft.



On May 23 at 5:48pm, Linda S. Shafer, 62 of Taylorville was traveling west on Sherman. Shafer failed to stop at the intersection at Sherman and Cheney. Thomas N. Blessent, 70, and Lillian M. Blessent, 75, of Taylorville were traveling south. When Shafer failed to stop at the intersection, she hit Blessent in the front drivers side of the vehicle. Both Shafer and Blessent left the roadway and impacted a chain link fence on the south east corner of the intersection. All 3 were transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital. Injuries were reported but not evident on the scene.


On May 23 at 7:05am. Samantha J. Helton, 36, of Taylorville reportedly said that she exited BP's parking lot into the right hand lane on Route 104 heading was and was struck by Albert Burchi,  74, of Kincaid who was traveling in the left hand lane. Burchi reported he was traveling on Route 104 and swerved into the other lane to miss Helton. Both reportedly refused treatment.


On May 26th at 1:05pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to a two vehicle accident at East Park and Long. Adriana Allen, 36, of Taylorville stated she was stopped and waiting to turn left onto Long Street and was struck in the rear end by Robert M. Fandrich, 20, of Shelbyville stated he tried to stop to avoid striking Allen but could not stop with the wet pavement. Fondrich had a box trailer attached to the rear of his truck. Fandrich had minor front end damage and Allen had major rear end damage. Allen reported her 7-year old son was complaining of neck pain and said she would have him checked out at the hospital. No further injuries were reported. Fandrich was issued a citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.


On May 27 at 4:26 pm, Gary J. Foreman, 30, of Taylorville was turning left onto Market from Shumway. The road was wet due to heavy rains. Foreman slid into a 2005 Dodge Ram, owned by Randy L. Hall of Taylorville, that was legally parked on the side of the road. Foreman struck the driver's side of the truck causing damage to both driver side door and the truck bed.

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