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Christian County Intergrated Community Services Files Suit Against City of Taylorville Over Hathaway Homes Project

Regional Radio News has learned that Christian County Integrated Community Services has filed a lawsuit against the City of Taylorville over its treatment of the agency's proposed Hathaway Homes subsidized housing subdivision.


C-C-I-C-S and the City have tangled at various levels over the past few months. The City Planning Commission approved the project, only for the City Council to reject the project initially, then after a 2-and-a-half closed session at another meeting, coming back into open session to vote 4 to 4 with Mayor Greg Brotherton casting the deciding vote to allow the project to take place.


C-C-I-C-S then submitted to the Planning Commission, the preliminary plans for the project, which the Planning Commission approved, only for the Taylorville City Council to reject them.


The agency has warned the city ever since the process began, that they could bring a law suit against the city, claiming the city has no grounds to turn the project down.


Some Taylorville aldermen have heard from residents that they don't want the project to be built, but C-C-I-C-S contends it has met every city statute and code and the city has no reason to deny it.


Taylorville City officials are not making any comment on the law suit, but aldermen had previously scheduled a budget committee meeting for later this month to determine if the city had the funds to hire a 2nd opinion lawyer that could also defend them in the event a lawsuit was filed.


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