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Area Arrests/Traffic Accidents 4-1-13



Mark Ralston, 51, of 324 E. Union Nokomis, wasarrested on March 29 on a bond forfeiture warrant for failure to appear/answer.

Michael J. Masterson, 27, of 717 West England Taylorville, was arrested on March 31 on a bond forfeiture warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kyle W. Kisner, 25, of Springfield was arrested on March 31 for possession of cannabis. 


 On March 30, William Burkhart of Galesburg, was traveling north westbound on South Cherokee Street approximately 1/2 mile east of 1350 East Rd. when a deer ran into the roadway.  Burkhart was unable to avoid striking the deer.  No injuries were reported. 

On March 30, Christina Peat, 24, of Kincaid was west bound on Rt. 104.  Peat advised a deer came from the north near the entrance to Kincaid.  Peat stated the deer entered the roadway and was unable to stop striking the deer.  The deer left the roadway to the south.  Peat received substantial front end damage to her 1999 Mitshbishi Galant. 

On March 31, Rodney Degler, 42, of Taylorville was eastbound on West Calloway, Taylorville.  He lost control and entered the yard of 219 West Calloway.  Degler struck a mailbox, light post, brick decorative pillar, and a tree.  He left the scene.  Degler left a trail of fluids before being disabled and abandoned in the 200 block of North Brents.  He admitted to driving the vehicle, but did not recall the crash. 

 The Taylorville Police Department Reports the following Arrests:  

On March 29 at 4:49 am, a Taylorville Police officer initiated a traffic stop on Walnut and Franklin.  Aaron Logue, 20, of Taylorville and three make juveniles were arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.  Logue was released on a notice to appear.  The three juveniles parents were contacted and they were released to them. 

While a Taylorville Police Department officer wa s on patrol, he observed a male driving a vehicle that he knew to have a suspended license.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license.  He was released on a notice to appear.

On March 30, a Taylorvile Police officer received information in reference to underage drinking inside a vehicle.  The vehicle was located.  Upon investigating, Darbie Durham, 18, of Taylorville and Sydney Stork, 18, of Taylorville and a juvenile were arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. 

On March 30, at approximately 1:33 am, a Taylorville Police Officer was patrolling the portion of North Webster Street near the entrance of the Palomino Club when the listed vehicle started into traffic from the parking lot and caused the vehicle in fromt of him to swerve out of the south bound lane into the north bound lane.  He stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Karinena Durbin, 38, of Taylorville.  During the stop it was learned that her drivers license from Arizona had been suspended.  Her vehicle was moved back to the parking lot by a by stander and she was arrested and transported to the Taylorville Police Department to be processed and released on a citation from driving while her license were suspended. 


On March 31, at 2:15 am, Taylorville Police Department Offficer's were dispatched to West Main Cross in reference to a fight.  Officer's arrived and spoke to two make subjects at Main Cross near Shumway.  Upon investigating, Michael J. Masterson, 25, of Forth Worth, Texas was arrested for Main County FTA warrant. 


On March 31, at 7:01 pm, Taylorville officers were dispatched to 538 North Cottage in reference to a fight in progress with bats involved.  Officer's arrived, and upon investigation, Michael J. Albetts, 29, of Kincaid was arrested for Public Intoxication.

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