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Park Budget Shows Positive Balance for 2012-2013

The Taylorville Park District showed a positive balance for the fiscal year 2012-2013. The income for the year was $754,205.43 against a total expenditure of $706,507.29 leaving a positive balance of $47,698.14. This news was met with high praise by all the park board members.

The monthly treasurer’s report for February showed a starting amount of $450,373.51 with receipts of $1665.19 and disbursements of $43,745.70 for a balance of $418,178.55.

In other business, it was reported that 7 bunkers located on 6 holes at Lake Shore Golf Course had been reconfigured. They will be laying sod in approximately 3 weeks. Once the sod is set, the sand will be placed.

The Maintenance Department reported that they had begun the process of  power washing tables, allowing them to dry and then sealing them. The ball diamonds are in pretty good condition with a little more work to be completed. The crew also constructed 2 raised flower beds to be used for summer camp.

The Recreation Director announced that Senior lunch on March 14th was a success as was the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Running Club will begin on April 11th. The JFL football teams and cheerleaders asked for permission to place an outlet on the sign at the Bragg Complex. It was decided that the matter needed to be referred to the maintenance department. Bailey Hancock thanked the board for allowing her maternity leave. She appreciated the time she was allowed with her newborn son.

The Park Board also agreed to table any decision on the budget for Fiscal Year 2013 until the next meeting because of the recent illness of Legal Counsel Bob Broverman.

Marianne Becker, Park and Finance Director, reported that she had completed the courses for the Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act. She also made the purchase of several first aid kits for several areas of the park district. She is yet to purchase weather radios for the park office, the pool and the maintenance area. The pond has been stocked with trout and fishing official begins on April 6th at 5 am.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15.


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