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 width=Taylorville aldermen met for just over 40 minutes Monday night, and acted on several items of city business.


The Council welcomed members of Taylorville Girl Scout Brownie Troop 3011 led by Jamie Adams, who earned a “Fun Patch” for attending Monday night’s meeting. The troop was also granted permission to sell Girl Scout cookies in the city parking lot at West Main Cross and North Webster, on Saturday, February 23rd from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.


Joe Hauser of the Taylorville Planning and Zoning Commission, presented the Taylorville City Council with 2 recommendations which came from a meeting of the commission in City Hall earlier in the evening. The Commission recommended that the City Council reject a request from Jim Hanely to approve re-zoning property he’s considering to buy at 712 East Esther, from Residential-One to Residential-2. Hauser said state law prohibits what’s called spot zoning, and the property in question was surrounded by property that was zoned R-1. The Council upheld the Commission’s rejection of the rezoning.

The 2nd piece of property the Commission considered in their meeting Monday night, was at 208 East Pleasant. It was another piece of property Hanely is considering to buy to build a 6-unit apartment complex. The Commission decided that since it was surrounded by other property zoned Residential-2, and the property in question was zoned Residential-1, that the request to re-zone be allowed. That recommendation was also OK’d by the Taylorville City Council.


The Taylorville City Council made quick action of several ordinances at their Monday night meeting. The Council unanimously passed 3 ordinances. The first was implementing a fee for the Mid-America Sport Parachute Club to pay for additional liability insurance coverage thru the city’s insurance policy. The 2nd made some corrections to the city’s recent electric power aggregation ordinance on its plan of operation and governance, and the 3rd amended the lake lot and campsite fees, calling for a lake lot rental fee for the season of 450-dollars with a 300-dollar security deposit. For camp sites, the rental fee for the season is 700-dollars, or 100-dollars per month, with a 300-dollar security deposit.


Taylorville aldermen Monday night passed several motions brought to the full Council from the Street and Sewer Committee. The motions included allowing the Red Bland Little League to hold their annual parade April 20th, adding signage on the square to accommodate the Farmers’ Market, OK’ing a pay request for some 27-thousand dollars on the storm sewer project, and obtaining bids or budgeting for several other items in the street department.

Alderman Martin Vota voted against 3 motions to spend more money in the street department for further equipment purchases or projects. He told Regional Radio News after the meeting that he’s concerned that it’s not known where the money will come from to pay for these proposed purchases and projects.

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The motions all passed the Taylorville Council Monday night.


The City of Taylorville has spent some 9-million dollars of its 10-million dollar bonding for separation of storm sewer and sanitary sewer. Street and sewer committee chair Earl Walters says the project is coming along nicely, and the city expects to complete the work with the remaining one-million dollars in coming months.

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Several members of the Council expressed a desire to spend future monies to improve sewers and streets, in other wards in the future, since the work now being done is in Ward 2.


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