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Last Friday night Taylorville Police Department officers received a report of a chemical odor at the 500 block of North Cottage Street. Officers then went to the area on foot. Officers walked down an alley and saw a man urinating on a trash can.

Officers went up to the man and could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the man. Officers then asked him how old he was and the male said he was 17.

Officers then went to a camper trailer that they heard music and people talking from. As the officers approached the trailer they smelled a strong odor of burnt cannabis.

Officers then went inside of the camper. After further investigation five juveniles were arrested along with Nathan L. Nichols 19 of Taylorville, Joseph R. Ballion 19 of Taylorville, Robert C. Scott 18 of Taylorville, Joseph C. McClure 18 of Taylorville, Colton R. White 18 of Stonington and 18 year old Cody A Crites of Taylorville.

All 11 arrested were arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol and were processed and released on a notice to appear.

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