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 width=Democratic candidate Doctor David Gill on Friday announced he was conceding the 13th Congressional House race to Republican Rodney Davis of Taylorville.


In a statement released on Friday, Gill said that his exhausted campaign team has completed a county by county analysis of outstanding provisional and absentee ballots in the 13th Congressional District, as well as some precinct-based anomalies in ballot returns and turnout.


Gill said the closeness of this race (less than 1/2 percentage point) demanded that his campaign diligently check the numbers. He was very grateful for the dedicated work of campaign staff to go through the data in the last few days, and for the cooperation of election officials in each of the 14 counties.


Gill added that had become clear that there were not enough uncounted ballots remaining to wipe out the current 1,287 vote deficit.


Gill said that while he and Republican Rodney Davis had different priorities and political philosophies, he hoped Davis seek ways to compromise and support the President. 


Gill said that the time has now come to bring the campaign to a close.



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