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 width=The Taylorville City Council met last evening for a brief 27 minutes and many issues were discussed at the meeting.

One issue brought up at the meeting was Kincaid water rates increase to $3.60 per 1000 gallons the maximum allowable rate.

Alderman Ernie Dorchinez of Ward III says that the reason for the increase is that the City of Taylorville is trying to make the rate even for all surrounding communities.

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That motion passed unanimously at the meeting

An ordinance discussed at the meeting was the reimbursement of sales taxes, rebate of real estate taxes, and waiver of sewer and water tapping fees as well as building permit fees for the new Larry’s Service Center.

Alderman Martin Vota of Ward II says that this ordinance will be used on a case by case basis.

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That ordinance passed unanimously at the meeting.

There was also a proclamation made at the meeting for the Illinois Federation of Business Women by Mayor Greg Brotherton to be celebrated this week October 15th thru the 19th.

All other motions, resolutions or ordinances discussed at the meeting passed unanimously and those include:

Resolution – Permanent Sanitary Sewer Agreement with James R. Hankins at 309 E. Vine Street Resolution – Permanent Sanitary Sewer Agreement with David L. and Gloria A. Brummer at 212 N. Walnut Street

Resolution – Taylorville Municipal Airport, Terms and Conditions of Accepting Airport Improvement Program Grants

Resolution – George Lumb Agreement (Dumpster Attendant)

Ordinance – Annexing Certain Territory to the City (Bernard A. and Jane E. Curvey –2100 S. Spresser)

Again all those matters passed unanimously.

All motions discussed in the committee reports also passed unanimously and they include:

Personnel Committee –

Motion to uphold AFSCME Grievance number 2012-4  by recommending that           Superintendent Speagle bid one (1) Heavy Equipment Operator position in the Water Department and Superintendent Wiseman to bid one (1) Working Foreman position in the Street/Sewer Department as requested by the AFSCME Union

Motion to approve the proposal considered for the Fire Union Contract

 Water/Environmental Committee –

Motion to authorize the annual Cathodic Protection Maintenance Agreement with Corrpro Co. for the Cherokee Street, Southwest and High School Water Towers in the amount of $1,980.00.

Motion to authorize Brotcke Well & Pump to complete repairs of the Well #2 pump and new motor for an amount not to exceed $12,598.00

Motion to approve an Irrigation Meter Policy

Lake/Airport Committee –

Motion to direct the City Clerk to prepare an ordinance to allow the sale of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of excess silt from the Locust Creek Dredging Project at a cost of $5.00 per cubic yard with the proceeds going back into the Lake Resource Fund and with the pickup time to be scheduled through Superintendent Jackson. 

Motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare a Lease and Ordinance to lease approximately 64 acres of City owned property at the South end of the Lake by the South Fork of the Sangamon River to Rick Champley, for his use only,  at $15.00 per acre October 15, 2012 thru September 30, 2013 and $20.00 per acre for October 1, 2013 thru September 30, 2014, with the stipulation that the City can break the lease any time for use for future projects with Mr. Champley being responsible for all costs’

Motion to direct the Mayor to sign the Terms and Conditions of Accepting Airport Improvement Program Grants for the Taylorville Municipal Airport

Motion regarding the dam inspection

Motion to approve the Lake/Airport Committee Minutes of October 15, 2012

Motion to approve and/or ratify payment of bills ($139,800.14)

Again all these motions passed unanimously at the meeting. The next city council meeting is scheduled for November 5th.

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