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The Christian County Board met last night and one of the most important issues talked about at the meeting was the Rules of Order for County Board member’s salary and per diem.

Board Chairman Paul Schmitz says that he thinks the board members deserve their salary.

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That measure was passed at the meeting. Chad Michel of District two had regrets of voting yes to the motion though and nearing the end of the meeting he wanted to revote on the matter as he said it was not how he was brought up to get paid even when you are not working. The vote would only have changed by one and still passed so there was not a revote on the motion, but Michel’s statement was put in the minutes of the meeting.

Also up for discussion was the request for funding for Taylorville Senior Citizens.

Schmitz says that this is to help senior citizens with medical trips.

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That measure was passed unanimously.

Also brought up at the meeting was a County Jurisdictional Transfer Agreement with the IL Rt. 29 intersection with County Highway #21 and #23.

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That measure was passed at the meeting.

Another thing brought up at the meeting by the R.O.E. was a bullying academy that could be used at schools.

Schmitz says he likes the idea.

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Another item brought up at the meeting was the approval of a liquor license for South Fork Entertainment a business owned by Leroy Harris who previously owned Nashville North in Taylorville. This measure passed unanimously.

Another item brought up was the Pana Animal Control Contract which costs $200 a month plus $25 for each animal caught by animal control. This measure also passed unanimously.

Other motions approved at the meeting were the claims for payment in June, the approval of a prevailing wage ordinance and the approval of resolutions for delinquent property presented by Joseph Meyer trustee. There were also a couple of items that were talked about and will be discussed at a future date. One was the county-wide aggregation for electricity that is presented by SIMEC Energy and the discussion of other energy quotes.

The next Christian County Board meeting will be on July 17.


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