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 width=The Christian County Board met last evening and many issues were discussed. One of the issues discussed was brought up by former owner of Nashville North from 1985-90 Leroy Harris. Harris wanted to bring a new center for similar entertainment.

Musicians brought to the area during Harris’ time as owner of Nashville North included Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, and Conway Twitty. Board Chairman

Paul Schmitz says that Nashville North attracted a lot of people.

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Harris also said that he wanted to get a liquor license for the new center, but only for the events, not for everyday selling, so it would not cut into Kincaid liquor sales.

The issue of a mutual aid agreement for communities around the area was also talked about after the incident with the fatal crash in Pana recently.

Schmitz says that the agreement is common for communities close to each other.

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That crash occurred on April 30th and killed three of the four occupants of the vehicle including a 3 month old.

The Board also approved the name for the Christian County Public Transportation Service.

Schmitz says that this service is not just for senior citizens.

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One of the bigger issues on the docket was one of a residency requirement for a Christian County Courthouse employee. The board went into Executive Session to discuss what to do about the employee.

Schmitz says that this will really help the office.

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The next County Board Meeting will be on June 19.

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