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Park Board Brings Up Many Topics Regarding Lakeshore Golf Course

At the Park Board meeting on Monday many topics were discussed, but the main issues involved the new and improved Lakeshore Golf Course. The golf course has already seen a lot of business for the month of April with a total of 1267 rounds of golf purchased since it opened on April 1st. Also brought up about the course was the issue of the contract.

There was $300,000 of renovation during the offseason for the course and the general manager of the course Jeff Boldig wanted a guarantee that for every year that course stays in business that a year is extended on the current five year contract that measure was passed through unanimously. There was also an issue of the City of Taylorville giving a liquor license to the golf course as Boldig is not a city resident so an employee will have to sign the license instead of Boldig.

The employee that does sign will not be responsible for any problems with the license though, because those problems would have to be dealt with by the Park District if they should happen. It was also decided to sell the current Toro Sand Rake from the golf course for $200 as the cost to repair that item would be $1000, and the golf course will now purchase a new sand rake replacement will cost $1749.

In other Park District news the golf ball dispenser shed that is currently located at Don Bragg Sports Complex will be moved for Red Bland Little League storage out to Manner’s Park. There is one catch to this deal though, as the Park Board decided to put a 30 day limit for Red Bland to move the shed themselves and if they do not move the shed themselves then the Park District will be able to sell it.  

Also discussed at the Park Board meeting were upcoming events. One event that is coming up is the Senior Citizens lunch, which will be on May 10th and the seniors will get to enjoy some Polynesian chicken. Also at the lunch will be the Taylorville Junior High School 8th grade choir.

Also brought up at the meeting was when the opening of Manner’s Park Pool would occur. The pool will open, like it has in years past on Memorial Day weekend, which this year will occur from May 26th through the 28th. The next Park Board meeting will occur on May 28th.

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