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Bill Sparks Debate Over Teen Tanning

A proposal to ban teenagers from using tanning beds is striking controversy in Springfield.  Don Hirsch doesn't like the idea and says his teenage sons should be able to use tanning beds with his approval.

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The proposal would allow teenagers to get spray-on tans but would ban them from using tanning beds, even with parental consent.  Representative Robyn Gables says  it's the state's job to protect the health of children.  Lawmakers will vote on the proposal in committee in the next few weeks.

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Marty Gallagher, with the Illinois Tanning Association, says that could do more harm than good.

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Advocates say the measure will help reduce the onset of cancer but Representative Mary Flowers says just about anything can cause cancer.

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Representative Robyn Gable says the UV Rays in tanning beds increases the risks of cancer.

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