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No Talk Of Tax Rollback For Individuals

Illinois businesses are getting tax incentives to stay in Illinois and now lawmakers are considering a plan to reduce the amount they pay in income taxes.  They raised rates on businesses and individuals earlier this year but there's no talk about giving citizens any income tax relief.  Bloomington Representative Dan Brady says helping businesses means more jobs for people.

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Brady says first things first, the state has to do something to improve the state's economy.  He says you have to start with employers first because they have the ability to put people to work.  Republicans introduced a bill to scale back corporate income taxes from seven to six-percent in January.  They'd scale it all the way back to four-point-eight-percent next year.  Individuals pay five-percent in income taxes thanks to the raised rates.  That rate is supposed to go back down to three-point-seven-five-percent in 2015.

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