Local News

Taylorville police arrested two local men on battery charges. According to reports, officers were called to 227 E. Park St. Sunday. The suspects were found in the back yard of the residents. 54-year-old Ronal G. Barlow was reportedly arrested, along with an unnamed suspect.

Police issued a citation to a Taylorville woman for passing a stopped school bus. According to reports, Beck Bus driver Janis Baird told officers about a woman who had passed the bus while students were getting on. 23-year-old Amber Mann of Taylorville reportedly admitted to passing the bus and was issued a citation.

Taylorville police made a couple arrests early Tuesday morning near the intersection of Clay and Spresser Streets. According to reports, officers noticed a vehicle driving without headlights. The driver of the car, 19-year-old Aron W. Rymes of Taylorville was arrested on charges of driving while license suspended and illegal possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor. Rymes’ passenger, 18-year-old Casey Conaway of Taylorville was charged with illegal possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A local woman was arrested last Saturday after police were summoned to deal with a disturbance at 716 E. Poplar St. in Taylorville. According to police reports, officers saw 22-year–old Lacey M. Myers hiding in a bush at the scene. She reported fled on foot but was detained after a brief chase. Myers was reportedly charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and also arrested on a warrant out of Effingham County.

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