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   width=  All fifth graders in Christian County were invited to attend the 3rd annual Progressive Agricultural Farm Safety Day at the fairgrounds. The Sept. 23 event allowed students to become familiar with proper farm safety instructions through many hands-on activities. 

            This year’s safety day offered 10 safety stations: fire, electricity, yard digging, chemicals, hearing protection, power take-off and grain bin safety, all-terrain vehicles, first-aid, sun safety and disability awareness.  

            Ann Lupton, Ag literacy program coordinator at the University of Illinois extension office and Ag in the Classroom, was the primary organizer for the event.

The Monsanto Stonington facility was one local organization that volunteered and was responsible for the hearing protection and conservation station. Bill Cope, seed operations supervisor at the Monsanto Stonington facility, used a large-scale model of an ear, a large chart that showed all the components of an ear, and an audio dummy named “Elvis,” which had an audiometer for measuring decibels.  




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