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It was a quick but eventful Taylorville City Council meeting Monday night at the Council chambers.

During their 30-minute meeting, aldermen passed resolutions for a commercial fish removal program at Lake Taylorville for 5 months over the winter, leased an ambulance to the Taylorville Fire Protection District for one-dollar rental; OK’d an amendment to the Taylorville-Christian County Enterprise Zone intergovernmental cooperation agreement, spelling out the funding mechanism for implementing the enterprise zone; and annexed property belonging to Lirim Besiroski at 1201 Springfield Road.

Taylorville aldermen Monday night approved some 20-thousand dollars worth of change orders on the lift station rehabilitation project, with a new completion date of December First of this year; promoted police officer Evert Nation to Police Sergent; and replaced the police department computer server with the work going to Computer Techniques at a cost of some 53-hundred dollars.

The Taylorville City Council last night promoted treasurer’s office employee Mindy Durbin to office level one, and water department office employee Sheryl Brown to office level one; and the Council approved paying half of an 18-hundred dollar repair bill for a broken water line inside the home of Sara Ruff at 602 West First Street. Aldermen voted to build a new chain length fence around the new high school water tower; OK’d waiving a rental bill and have the city demolish an old storage building at Taylorville Airport; and approved the annual inspection of Lake Taylorville Dam by the city’s consulting engineers Greene and Bradford.

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