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All this week has been National 4-H Week in Christian County and students were able to participate in the 4-H National Youth Science Day on Wednesday at the Taylorville Wal-Mart. The theme of the event was Wired for Wind: The 2011 National Science Experiment and Program Coordinator Jodi Heberling says the event was a big success for participants as everyone that attended learned a great deal about wind.

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According to Heberling, one of the most surprising and interesting events of the day was once the participants set up their mini wind turbines, three blades of the same shape actually worked better than four.

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The turnout on Wednesday was very good as kids and parents came throughout the entire hour and a half event.

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Also part of the festivities of National 4-H Week was the judging of window displays and Heberling says that is was tough to pick the winners.

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For more information on Christian County 4-H, you can contact Jodi Heberling at 287-7246.

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