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The Touchstone Energy Balloon Fest is set to take off this coming weekend in Shelbyville, as the event is in conjunction with Scarecrow Daze. Event coordinator Kevin Bernson says that the first night you can view the balloons taking off is Friday night and the best viewing spot is in Forest Park.

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The fun doesn’t stop on Friday for Balloon Fest. Bernson told Regional Radio News that the pilots of the balloons will also be lifting off Saturday, with a task for the pilots to complete, as well as on Sunday.

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Bernson also says that late Saturday afternoon into the evening, there will be food served and the opportunity for people to take a ride in the balloons for just $15.

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The Shelbyville Balloon Fest is this weekend, October 7th, 8th, and 9th beginning at 5:00 on Friday, with the best viewing area being in Forest Park in Shelbyville. For more information on Balloon Fest, you can visit their website at lakeshelbyville.com or you can call 774-3986.

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