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 width=Lake Land College is ranked as one of the top 50 associate degree producers in the nation by Community College Week’s 2011 Top 100 Contest. The 2011 Top 100 Contest evaluates and ranks each community college in the country based on degree completion in a particular discipline.

“The college strives to make sure our students have every tool and resource available to successfully reach their academic goals,” said Scott Lensink, Lake Land College president. “We are very pleased to see how well we’ve ranked throughout the country in these areas of study.”

For 2011, Lake Land College ranks 15th for degrees awarded in Agriculture, Agriculture Operations and Related Sciences. The college’s Agriculture Division offers several associate degrees in this field of study including agriculture business and supply, alternative agricultural production and horticulture production and landscape. Additionally, the college ranks 17th for degrees awarded in the fields of Interdisciplinary Studies, and the college ranks 29th for degrees awarded in General Sales, Merchandising, and Related Marketing Operations. For Lake Land College, this includes associate degrees in entrepreneurship, marketing and professional sales.

“Lake Land College truly offers an affordable option for our students,” said Lensink. “Students receive a quality education and are prepared to enter the workforce or excel when they transfer to a four-year university.”

This year, Lake Land College also ranked in the top 10 percent of all community colleges throughout the nation according to the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.

“I really must credit the dedication our faculty and staff bring to our college and students,” said Lensink. “Everyone at Lake Land is dedicated to the success of our students, and it shows.”

To learn more about the academic programs at Lake Land College, please visit http://www.lakeland.cc.il.us/academicprograms/index.cfm.

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