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Shelbyville Rotary Holds Weekly Meeting Monday

 width=August 8th, 2011 the Shelbyville Rotary Club had their weekly meeting at noon.

The meeting was host to the new District Governor Ron Schettler and his wife Sandy.

Schettler addressed the club, bringing information concerning many issues involving Rotary in central Illinois and Rotary International events, goals, and accomplishments.

Rotary International has been working for more than 23 years to eliminate Polio around the world. More recently, Bill & Linda Gates have been partnering with Rotary with their Gates Foundation to continue to move toward eliminating Polio in more and more parts of the world. Many areas in some countries have been a considerable effort to reach the people and educate them on the value of medical procedures and medicines.

Earlier in 2011, northern India has been able to report no new polio cases from January 11th, 2011 through at least June 30th, 2011, and maybe even until now.

There are very few areas in the world still confronted with polio cases and problems.

District Govenor Schettler challenged the Shelbyville Rotary to focus with new possible goals and activities.

Ideas relating to many areas of interest concerning Rotary Int. were discussed and studied.

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