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Area Residents Receive $1000 from H&R Block

Several H&R Block customers in the Regional Radio listening area have won $1000 recently due to the 1000 Win $1000 Daily Sweepstakes. Ronny Pearce, Franchise Owner of H&R Block told Regional Radio News those who get their tax return in before February 15 are entered into a drawing to win.

All nationwide H&R Block offices are participating. Pearce noted that in the Regional Radio listening area, the Pana office has the majority of the winners so far.

Pearce says those who have submitted their tax returns will remain in the drawing until the sweepstakes is over.

Customers will receive an e-mail once their taxes are done as a notification. More information on the sweepstakes can be found at your nearest H&R Block office or hrblock.com. 

*Richard Ivon receives his $1,000. Donna Ishmael also received her $1,000.

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