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Area Arrests And Accidents 02/13/24

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;


2-6-24 John Carpenter, age 41, of Nokomis was arrested by CCSO on a FTA warrant for driving on suspended license.


2-6-24 Kimberly Parkison and Levi Johnson were involved in a traffic crash in Taylorville township. At approximately 19:24 CCCSO was dispatched to 1653 IL Route 29 for an accident involving two vehicles. While in route, dispatch informed me one of the vehicles had left the accident scene. Upon arrival to the scene, I spoke with Levi Johnson. Johnson stated he was traveling southeast on IL Route 29 in the right lane when he rear ended a parked vehicle in the same lane (Kimberly Parkison’s vehicle). Johnson stated he could not tell if Parkinson had lights on or not. Johnson stated after he rear ended Parkison, Parkison immediately left and headed toward Taylorville, IL. It was later determined Parkison drove to Wal-Mart in Taylorville, IL. Parkison stated she was traveling southeast on IL Route 29 when she was suddenly struck from behind. Parkison stated she kept driving because she didn't know what to do. Parkison stated she stopped at Wal-Mart so the passenger could go inside and get help. There were no witnesses that remained on scene. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. No injuries.


2-7-24 Cassandra Talbot, age 31, of Springfield was arrested by Sangamon County on a Christian County FTA warrant for theft.


2-8-24 Andrew Woods, age 40, of Pana was arrested by Pana PD on a Christian County Warrant for failing to return from furlough to Department of Corrections.


2-10-24 Craig Reed was traveling west at 4001 Lincoln Trail in May Township when struck a deer that had entered the roadway. No injuries. No tow.


2-11-24 Audra Trump was traveling east on IL Route 48 in Bear Creek Township when she struck a deer at approximately 600 North. No injuries. No tow.


The Taylorville Police Department reported the following to Regional Radio News;




Joseph R. Hadley Domestic, age 45 of Taylorville was arrested for Battery.




Brett A. Walker, age 39, of Taylorville was arrested for Suspended Registration.




Georgia E. Ward, age 49, of Pana Illinois was arrested on a Warrant.




Joseph A. Austin, age 40, of Stonington was arrested for Possession of Child Pornography.


Mary Caraker, age 53, of Taylorville was arrested for Theft.


Virgil C. Lee, age 41, of Springfield Illinois was arrested for Methamphetamine Delivery.




Jerry L. Burton, age 52, of Assumption Illinois was arrested for Violation of Sex Offender Registration and Possession of Methamphetamine.


Calvin L. Hayes, age 28, of Chicago Illinois was arrested for Driving While License Suspended and Driving While Registration Suspended.


Brandon J. Emery, age 33, of Taylorville was Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer, Domestic Battery, and Obstruction of Justice.


Taylorville police responded the following vehicle accidents;

On January 18th at 3:12 PM, A vehicle owned by Ted Ostermeier of Owaneco was parked in the parking lot of 500 North Cheney Street.  Katharine L. Dickey of Taylorville was passing through the lot and struck the front of the parked vehicle.  Dickey fled the scene and was eventually located and issued a citation for leaving the scene of the crash.  No injuries were reported.  


A minor was traveling south on Walnut Street on January 19th at 10:34 PM.  Unit 1 failed to stop at the T-intersection and hit the south curb on East Powell Street continuing approximately 50 feet before coming to a rest in the front yard of 122 East Powell.  One minor suffered a serious injury that required her to be taken from the scene by EMS. 


On January 20th at 12:28 PM, Faith Maxwell of Taylorville was parked in the driveway of 1240 Sandy Duncan Drive.  Maxwell began to back out of the driveway when the vehicle began to slide on the ice in the driveway.  Maxwell attempted to stop but was unable to and slid into Rhonda K. Beck of Taylorville on the passenger side door and passenger rear fender.  Maxwell also had significant damage.  Both units were driveable.  Both units declined medical attention.  


On Sunday, January 21st at 8:47 AM, TPD was radioed of a traffic accident on West Bidwell and North Webster.  Isabella G. Thomas of Taylorville was sitting in the southbound lane of North Webster and Daniel P. Ream Sr of Taylorville was pulled into the parking lot of Diamond Brothers.  Ream said he was turning onto North Webster Street for the intersection of North Webster and Springfield Road and took the corner sharp.  Police say ice covered the front windshield other than a small area. Ream was issued two citations for improper lane usage and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle. 


On January 22nd at 8:45 PM, Robert C. Delahunt of Taylorville executed a backing maneuver within the parking lot of 1101 North Webster Street resulting in a rear-to-rear collision with a parked vehicle. Delahunt says that he mistakenly caused the collision while attempting to shift his foot from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal.  Snowy, icy conditions within the parking lot contributed to the collision.  A DUI investigation was conducted and was concluded that impairment due to alcohol consumption was NOT a factor.  No injuries were reported. 


On February 1st at 9:34 AM, Terry Campbell of Owatonna, Minnesota was backing into a loading dock when the rar hit the front of a parked truck.  No injuries were reported. 





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