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Area Arrests And Accidents 07/12/23

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;




7-1-23 Justin Wilham was traveling south on 800 East Road, just south of 2050 North where there is a jog in the road. Wilham lost control and drove into the ditch causing the vehicle to overturn and land on its side. No injuries. The vehicle was towed from the scene.


7-7-23 Blaine Nessl was traveling north on 1250 East Road when he struck a deer in the roadway. No injuries. No tow.


7-10-23 Harold Agnew was traveling eastbound on 1700 N. Road when a deer entered the roadway and Agnew struck the deer causing significant damage to the vehicle. No injury. No tow.


7-12-23 Marissa Holmes was traveling north on 1600 East in Taylorville township when she struck a deer in the roadway. The vehicle was able to be driven from the scene. No injuries.


The Taylorville Police Department reported the following to Regional Radio News;




David D. Sims, age 52, of Morrisonville Illinois was arrested for DUI.




Trevon Nash, age 51, of Taylorville, was arrested for Driving While Registration Suspended.


Erie Miller, age 72, of Taylorville was arrested for Driving While Registration Suspended.


The Taylorville Police investigated the following car crashes.  On June 23rd at 7:43 PM, there was a crash at the intersection of West Park Street and North Main Street.  Amanda Walker of Morrisonville was traveling west bound on Park Street and a minor proceeded into the intersection attempting to turn West onto Park Street from Main Street, failing to yield to the right of way of Walker.  Walker collided with the driver side of the minor. No injuries were reported. 


On June 29th, at 2:18 PM A minor was crossing Webster Street from John Street towards the parking area for KFC.  The minor advised they did not see any vehicle as they began to cross the intersection.  The minor then advised Victoria Cook of Edgewood to come from Park Street onto Webster Street at a high rate of speed.  The minor then made contact with Cook causing her vehicle to go sideways.  Cook was pushed into the entrance of the KFC Parking lot and the minor's vehicle had severe damage.  The passenger for Cook's vehicle had to be transported to an area hospital. Cook was issued a citation for no valid insurance on the day of the accident. 


Kyle Swisher of Taylorville and Hanna Considine of Pana were traveling west bound on Park Street on July 1st at around 7:20 PM.  Considine slowed for standing water under the viaduct.  Swisher was traveling too closely to Considine and struck the rear of Swisher.  Swisher had air bag deployment and was towed from the scene.  No injuries were reported. 

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