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Area Arrests And Accidents 11/1/22

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;




10-31-22 Keffery Cothern, age 35, of Pana was arrested by CCSO on a warrant for domestic battery.


10-31-22 Wyatt Batty, age 23, of Stonington was arrested by CCSO on a FTA warrant for criminal trespassing.



The Taylorville Police Department reported the following to Regional Radio News;


Taylorville Police responded to the following motor vehicle accidents


September 23rd: 11:23 PM  Jenna Poelker of Stonington emerged from a parking space near the northeastern side of the Christian County Courthouse striking a seperate vehicle which was legally parked on the opposite side of the roadway.  Poelker was placed under arrest for DUI, subsequent to Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. No injuries were reported. 


October 6th, 2022.  Todd Vinard of Griggsville and Andrew Semelka of Decatur were both at the Mach 1 Convenience Store at Route 104/Route 29 Unit 2 pulled out on the north side of the parking lot onto Route 104 heading east at the light towards Route 29.   Vinard pulled out behind Semelka and stated that their foot slipped off of the brake causing the vehicle to roll into Semelka's at the intersection. 


October 6th, 2022 Savannah Ralston of Taylorville stated she was stopped at a red light on Springfield Road facing southbound.  Matthew Beck of Springfield apparently never hit the brakes slamming into the back of Ralston's car.  Beck was transported via ambulance to St. John's Hospital in Springfield.  Beck was also issued multiple citations for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, operating an uninsured vehicle, driving while license suspended, and DUI. 


October 7th, 2022  Kirk F. Woods of Pana was traveling directly behind Kristopher L. Willings of Edinburg when both vehicles had to stop at the beginning of a work zone on Route 29.  Woods failed to reduce speed crashing into the back of Willings.  Woods was transported to TMH for evaluation and cited for failure to reduce speed.   


October 26th, 2022 A minor from Taylorville was completing a left turn northbound onto North Sportsman Street from Western Avenue, when Autumn Owens of Riverton entered the intersection. Both vehicles collided. Owens was issued a citation for failure to yield at an intersection. 


October 26th, 2022 Dennis Smith of Taylorville was heading north on Cheney Street.  Nicholas B. Paul of Taylorville was heading west on Market Street.  Paul did not see the stop sign because it was obstructed by a tree.  Paul struck the passenger side of Smith.  Smith was transported to TMH.  Paul was issued a citation for disobeying a traffic control device. 


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