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Area Arrests/Accidents 8/29/17

On Tuesday, the Taylorville Police Department reported the following accidents to Regional Radio News:


34-year-old Mark A. Schaefer of Taylorville was driving on North Street Thursday when he saw 21-year-old Dalton K. Perry of Pana speaking with Schaefer’s wife in her minivan. As Schaefer was backing up, he did not realize that Perry had moved and he hit Perry. Schaefer left the scene of the accident but then returned a few minutes later as EMS arrived. Perry was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital via a personal car. Schaefer was arrested for Failure to Give Aid and given a citation for Improper Backing.


53-year-old Robert D. Campbell was driving westbound on Northern Avenue Saturday. He was slowed to make a left turn onto North Sportsman Drive. An unknown vehicle was following Campbell and two school busses. When the vehicles slowed to turn, the unknown vehicle changed lanes and passed both busses and Campbell. The unknown vehicle swerved back into the westbound lane and struck the front of Campbell’s vehicle.


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