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Area Arrests/Accidents 6/30/16

On Wednesday the Christian County Sheriff’s Department reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


18 year old Angela N. McKinnon of Kincaid was arrested on Wednesday for Involuntery Manslaughter/Reckless Homicide.


44 year old Patrick T. McCaughn of Taylorville was arrested on Thursday on a bond forfeiture warrant for an issuance of warrant. Bond was set at $2500.


On Friday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


27 year old Michael Emery of Taylorville was arrested on Tuesday for battery.


37 year old John Merritt was arrested on Tuesday on a valid Christian County Warrant.


40 year old Aaron C. Davis of Taylorville was arrested on Wednesday for battery.




16 year old Shaunee J. Johnson of Stonington was southbound on IL Rt 48. Johnson was turning right onto Township Road 1700 N Rd. Johnson lost control in the rocks at the intersection and skidded into 48 year old Brian K. Murphy’s vehicle, who was eastbound on township road 1700 N Road. Johnson stated that she was going too fast when she got to the intersection and hit Murphy’s vehicle. Neither driver was injured in the accident, and Johnson admitted fault in the accident.


18 year old Lauryn T. Schinzler of Moweaqua was traveling north on 2400 East Road. At approximately 1775 North, a deer entered the roadway. Schinzler then collided with the deer in the roadway.

On June 27th, 28 year old Danielle L Hague of Taylorville was traveling east on IL Route 29 coming into the intersection of Route 29 and 104. 16 year old Cole M. Bland was traveling west on Route 29 and was attempting to turn left onto route 104 towards Kincaid. Bland looked down at their radio and turned into Hague’s vehicle causing a collision. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene, and Hague was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital via Dunns ambulance to be treated for injuries.

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