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IHSA Announces Football Division Plan Rescinded

A rule change that would have gone into effect for Illinois High School Football has been rescinded. A rule change set for 2021 would have changed High School Football in Illinois to add districts but a vote from the members has gotten rid of it and the format will stay the way it is.  Matt Troha, Assistant Executive Director for the Illinois High School Association says that something that seemed inevitable won’t happen at this point, or at least not yet.  



Troha says this is not the first time this rule change has been brought up. The vote barely passed last time and the board wanted to reevaluate the rule change.



Troha says that this gets voted on almost every year in some way shape or form and the playoff system and high school sports, in general, are ever-evolving.


Other rule changes that came about included how they schedule games for wrestling, shortening the girls swimming season, and moving the start of baseball season back so that there are fewer weather issues.

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