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Police in Florida have arrested a possible serial killer using genealogy and DNA collected from a cigarette. Robert Haye was charged in Palm Beach County with first-degree murder for the death of one woman, and more charges are expected. Police say the 37-year-old is believed to have killed at least four women over more than 10 years. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

In an exclusive interview, Harvey Weinstein's new defense attorney tells "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King she's confident he'll be exonerated in the criminal cases against him. The former movie producer is facing charges in New York on allegations of sexual violence against two women. His trial starts in January. More than 70 women have accused him of wrongdoing since an explosive New York Times investigation two years ago that inspired the #MeToo movement. Weinstein denies all of the allegations. Weinstein's attorney, Donna Rotunno, is a former prosecutor who has built her reputation on defending men accused of sexual assault and rape. She has handled about 40 cases defending men accused of sexual misconduct but the trial of Harvey Weinstein is her most high profile case to date.

Heated talks between union auto workers and General Motors are already taking an economic toll on the company, on day two of a national strike. GM's stock value dropped more than 4% on Monday as more than 48,000 workers walked out. Some estimates suggest that GM is losing as much as $50 million per day. Dean Reynolds reports.

President Trump is doubling down on his defense of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after the New York Times published a new allegation of sexual misconduct. The president called the allegation a "smear" and demanded the resignation of New York Times staffers involved in the piece, while Democrats say the FBI failed to check out that claim a year ago before Kavanaugh was confirmed. Nancy Cordes reports.

ISIS lost its last territory in Syria in March, but the group remains a terror threat. The reclusive leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, called for his followers to carry out attacks, and demanded the release of ISIS prisoners. President Trump has called on European countries to take their nationals who joined ISIS home from Syria – but in a Syrian prison holding alleged ISIS fighters, CBS News encountered prisoners who said they’re American. Holly Williams reports.

U.S. officials are blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi Arabia, but President Trump seems to be lowering any expectations of a fierce U.S. response. The president told supporters in New Mexico that he is weighing his options, one day after tweeting that the U.S. is "locked and loaded." Sources tell CBS News many of the projectiles involved in the weekend attack were fired from Iranian territory. At least one missile passed through airspace over Kuwait, a U.S. ally. Weijia Jiang reports.

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