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The putative end of the Cold War didn't mark the end for master spy storyteller John le Carré, who continued to write thrilling bestsellers of international intrigue and duplicity. Mark Phillips talked with the writer about how his "secret world" hadn’t changed all that much, and with London tailor Douglas Hayward, who served as a source of inspiration for the British expat who finds himself in the middle of a plot in crime-and drug-ridden Panama City, in le Carré's novel, "The Tailor of Panama." Originally broadcast on "CBS Sunday Morning" November 17, 1996.

Julie Andrews’ early successes in the movie industry — her Oscar-winning role as "Mary Poppins" and a second nomination for her iconic performance in "The Sound of Music" — are detailed in "Home Work," a new memoir about her Hollywood years. Anthony Mason sat down with Andrews to hear all about it.

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