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The Taylorville community has come alive in the past years with events that bring citizens closer together. Monthly car shows, new restaurants and retailers all make Taylorville a great place to live. Lee Skinner and Steve Craggs with Small Town Taylorville, appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss the upcoming events that keep the town busy.


Events like the Car Cruise and Customer Appreciation Week are the ways cities like Taylorville gain attention from travelers and businesses. The increased traffic in Downtown Taylorville has translated to more viewership on Small Town Taylorville social media and is seen in growing sales from local businesses.


Gaining attention from surrounding counties brings new faces to the town of Taylorville. Expanding beyond the Christian County borders is exactly what the people with Small Town Taylorville hope to accomplish.


The Local businesses are seeing this growth because of the increased draw to Taylorville. New Possibilities for retail and restaurants will excite developers and attract even more attention to the town.  Sales are up in this quarter and Small Town Taylorville can attribute this to the work they have done to bring new life to the city.


The sky's the limit when it comes to the possibilities of stores and eateries in Taylorville. For information on Small Town Taylorville visit https://smalltowntaylorville.com/

Lee Skinner and Steve Craggs Appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

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