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Taylorville Memorial Hospital Colleague of the Month

A new Colleague of the Month has been named for a Taylorville Memorial Hospital faculty. This month, Pamela "Pam" Williams, an Acute Care nurse in Taylorville, took home the award for the month of May. 

Pam Williams fit the criteria for Colleague of the Month perfectly, Memorial Health Hospital notes that "Williams brings a positive and compassionate attitude to work everyday. She works with Patients and Colleagues to create and maintain a safe work environment."

Recently, Williams went the extra mile and helped a patient to their car after treatment, a task that is not on their agenda, but that is the care that sets healthcare workers like Pamela Williams apart from everyone else. 

Williams has worked diligently with Taylorville Memorial Hospital since 1998.

To learn more about the Colleague of the Month visit, https://memorial.health/about-us/professionals/colleagues/com/

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