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Waste management and landfill upkeep are factors that silently hold communities together. Citizens can make it easier on trash collectors by knowing what to throw in the trash and what to dispose of in other ways. To learn more about this, Shawn Hammers, the Director of Christian County Solid Waste Management, appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss what can and cannot go to the landfill, the services Solid Waste Management provide, and how to be a more environmentally conscious member of the community.


The Christian County Solid Waste Management team is available to take away the items that would not normally be acceptable for the trash. Shawn Hammers dives into the waste to leave for the professionals.


Shawn Hammers describes their that the partnership with the IEPA has allowed for grant money that goes towards the services they provide.


Electronics, tires, and appliances are all items to avoid leaving by the curb. This waste will contaminate the landfill system and could put local wildlife in danger. BLH computers in Taylorville will kindly take your old electronics from local citizens, so they can be disposed of properly. Central Illinois residents may have an excess of old tires, tires are yet another item that can not be disposed of regularly.


The best way to reach Christian County Solid Waste Management is through their office, at 217-287-2334.

A new FaceBook page has been started for CC Solid Waste Management where updates can be posted, follow at Christian County Illinois Solid Waste Management.

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