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American Red Cross Blood Donation

Donating blood is a routine for some and a rarity for others. Some do not realize just how much of an impact that can have on someone else's life by just donating one pint of blood. To learn more about the need for blood donations The WTIM Morning Show was joined by Julie Bly, a member of the American Red Cross Association, to speak on why donating blood is so important, who it can help, and the quick and painless sign up it takes to make a difference.


A way to connect to the blood donation program is by using the app. The app is titled Blood Donation American Red Cross, with this, a donor can track their donation to see who it is going to and how it is helping. This presents a new reason for why donating is important.


Connecting with a person you are able to help through your donation is what keeps patrons coming back.  The need for blood donations is constant. With summer beginging, this is the busiest time for Julie Bly and the American Red Cross.


Making it personal is what worked for Julie Bly when it comes to finding the motivation to donate. The American Red Cross is also introducing promotions for donating. From a gift card to backyard movie theater night, you can get something tangible out of donating.


For all the information on donating to the American Red Cross visit, https://www.redcrossblood.org/. 

And to contact Julie Bly directly you can call, 217- 663- 4343.

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