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Combating Drug Abuse

The road to recovery for someone battling drug addiction can be long and painful. Natalie Inman, the Program coordinator for Drug Abuse in Shelbyville reappeared on the WTIM Morning show in Shelbyville to shed light on this road to sobriety, the challenges, and the right changes that can become a reality.


Inman explains that drug abusers have two routes, succeed in the drug court program and begin normal life or suffer the consequences behind bars.


Recovering addicts will be surrounded by professionals and people with the same experiences as them. This hands-on assistance is setting up struggling individuals to suceed when they are introduced to normal life. Inman explains.


When someone struggling with drug abuse finishes the program, they have graduated. This is a renewal for many and a signal that better times are near. This weekend one graduate will be honored at the courthouse.


for information on Shelby County Community services regarding drug abuse and addiction visit https://anabranchrecovery.com/

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