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The Summertime Challenge

There are many ways to stay healthy and active this summer but challenges can arise as one increases in age. The Summertime Challenge is a new low-impact, exercise based program that will get the local community up and moving. Tim Casner, the Director of Live Well Fitness at the Pana Hospital, appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss this summer's activities.


Consistency is key when it comes to your physical well being. Showing up day after day to participate will make you eligible for the prizes that are offered. The Sit-to-Fit exercise is popular for the less mobile patrons.


For ages 65 and older, there is a workout program for just about everyone. For those participants that are still able to get up and moving, the Summertime Challenge will have something in store.


The professional instructors for the Summertime Challenge classes are equiped to handle every type of activity. Tim Casner notes that going at your own pace is important.


Tim Casner and his staff at Live Well Fitness are ready to host their Summertime Challenge events and get everyone up and active. 

to learn more about the Summertime Challenge visit,  https://panahospital.com/services/hospital-services/profile/livewell-fitness-2
And to learn how to become a member you can call 217-562-6231

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