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Christian County Board Meets; Approves Solar Panels, Denies Anhydrous Plant

The Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening to discuss old and new business, hear from the public,and discuss committee reports.  The meeting was a full house resulting in yet again, the meeting needing to be moved to the courtroom on the third floor. The board heard some public comments concerning an anhydrous plant being built and spending at the jail.  


The first discussion was on ZBA Referrals.   A motion passed for placing DC cords under the ground—a motion that had been in heavy discussion during the ZBA meeting concerning the safety of being underground and not overhead.  The next ZBA referral discussed the solar project for solar panels.  That motion passed after some discussion to make sure that owners knew what was going on. 


The anhydrous ammonia plant did not pass at the County Board. Central Commodity FS was on hand to discuss the motion.  The board had concerns over the closeness to SangChris Lake and the environmental impacts. County Board member Ken Franklin spoke about how difficult it is to get land in the area that Central Commodity wanted to set up.



After about a 20 minute discussion, the board finally voted on it and it failed with yes votes coming from Ken Franklin, Bryan Sharp, Mike Specha, Clayton Walter, and David Buckles. 


Thomas Snyder Jr. headed the highway, building, grounds, environmental, zoning, and welfare committee. The board approved a CEFS Community Partnership Agreement. Under executive, personnel, liquor, and legislative committee was headed by Clint Epley.  The board voted on adopting a farm bureau resolution. The motion passed. The CO2 Appendix X of the Zoning Code was tabled. 


The board went into closed session to discuss employment issues, and litigation. The next County Board meeting is set for May 16th. 

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