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Rejected Vanity Plates for 2022

You can’t have whatever you want for a vanity plate. 


Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias says the state can and will reject inappropriate vanity plate requests. 


In 2022, the Secretary of State’s office rejected nearly 400 requests for vanity and personalized license plates, shot down because the requests were lewd or offensive in nature, or because they were difficult to read. 


Secretary Giannoulias says they love creativity, but a small percentage failed to meet the standards of good taste and decency. He adds his office rejected those plates because they violate the state’s vehicle code. 

A small panel in the office’s Vehicle Services Department reviews the license plate requests to prevent offensive language. 

Rejected requests included things like SUCKER, BITEU, DUCKYOU, and other more offensive or illegible plates. 

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