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No Narcotics Or Hazardous Material Identified In Graham Correctional Center Incident

All tests came back negative for narcotics and hazardous materials after an incident at Graham Correctional Center.  The incident involved individuals in custody who appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. According to Naomi Puzzello, Public Information Officer, with the Illinois Department of Corrections, Multiple staff members had been exposed to the substance and were sent to a local hospital.  The affected individuals in custody received treatment in the facility’s healthcare unit and the Illinois State Police Hazmat Team investigated.  


ISP conducted preliminary tests on suspicious substances found on site and the tests all came back negative for narcotics or hazardous materials.  ISP is conducting additional testing on clothing items. The substances were identified as nonhazardous and should not have necessitated the use of NARCAN or required hospitalization.  The nasal spray was acetaminophen and the powder was baby powder.  According to Puzzello, IDOC works diligently to ensure the safety of both incarcerated individuals and employees and worked swiftly to ensure everyone had access to the care they requested.  Everyone involved in this incident has been discharged from the hospital. 


The incident is still under investigation. 

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