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Christian County Board Meets; Approves New Board Member, Approves Animal Control Gate

Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening for their January board meeting. The board approved the hiring of Miranda Langen to Ward 4 to replace Matt Wells, who resigned in December. Bryan Sharp, Christian County Board Chair spoke on the recommendation.



Langen says she is excited to be on the board and is eager to get a younger vibe on the board. 



Dr. Chad Anderson was introduced as the new Health Department Director.  Committee reports were discussed.  One of the big motions that was discussed was a new electrical gate that would be installed at Animal Control.  Sherri Craggs, Director of Animal Control, says that the process is long and unsafe right now, as officers, once they find an animal have to take the animal, go get a key, go to animal control, then go drop off the key then they can go back to their patrol.  Craggs says that it is wasting a lot of time that could be saved if the deputies had a keyless entry or a pin code to get in. 


The board discussed the motion heavily as the finance committee had taken an earlier no decision on it during the committee report. Mike Specha says that the board had an excess in the budget and it should be fine for it to go through.



The concern of course was that the gate could also freeze and cause delays for people trying to get in. The board continued to discuss it. When the vote came, the board tied 8-8.  After some discussion over proper procedure, the board voted again, and this time the motion passed 10-6. 


The board heard from Jeff Stoner with the EMA who announced he was updating the official information book. 



The next board meeting is set for Tuesday, February 21st, 2023.

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