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Illinois House Passes Abortion Legislation

Late last week, the Illinois House of Representatives passed legislation to support abortion rights in the state. In a vote of 67-41, the House passed SB1534.  House Republicans spoke out about the bill concerned over some of the things the bill allows.  Outgoing State Representative Avery Bourne says that the bill goes against what most Illinoisans want. 


Representative Bourne says that she is concerned that parents will be left in the unknown when it comes to their children’s health. 



The concern from Republicans is that it’s not safe despite assurances that it is. 



The bill will require Illinois insurance plans to cover gender affirming medication to be covered without copay or deductible to any person without age restrictions and no requirement for parental notification.  


Representative Kelly Cassidy of Chicago and Planned Parenthood Spokesperson Brigid Leahy say that this is a safe haven. 



The bill is now with the Senate for approval. 

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