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Multiple Tornadoes Reported In Central Illinois Tuesday Evening

The National Weather Service reported 7 tornadoes confirmed in Illinois on January 3rd, with 6 of those in the National Weather Service-Lincoln area.  This is the most January tornadoes to occur in an event in the state of Illinois since January 7th, 1989 when 8 tornadoes occurred. 


Several funnel clouds and tornadoes were reported in a narrow zone between I-55 and I-57. Heavy rain was reported and a few sub-severe hail reports were received, with one report of 1.5” hail that came in from Farmer City. 


An EF-1 tornado touched down in Maroa for 0.89 miles with 110 mph winds.  An EF-0 tornado also touched down 3 miles southwest of Maroa for 0.31 miles. An unknown tornado touched down in Illiopolis. An unknown tornado touched down in Latham and a tornado touched down in Mt. Auburn.


The EF-1 tornado in Maroa destroyed a barn and tossed a grain bin across the highway.  A fence was also destroyed.  The EF-0 tornado in Maroa caused damage to an abandoned bowling alley on N. 22nd Street taking off some wall panels. 


The tornadoes occurred between 3 PM and 5:30 PM on January 3rd.  

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