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Christian County Triad Presents "Who's Knocking At Your Door"

Christian County TRIAD is hosting a “Who’s Knocking at Your Door” event at the Christian County Senior Citizens Center, located at 701 West Adams Street in Taylorville. The event takes place on Thursday, December 1st from 9:30-11am and is open to anyone age 55 and older, in addition to caregivers and people providing assistance. 


Taylorville Police Officer Kirsten Beaman says that the event is to help raise awareness in the elderly community about various workers that might be at the door and their purpose in an attempt to help identify scammers.



Beaman says that the event will allow seniors to see what uniforms and badges different workers wear and what kinds of vehicles they drive.



The Christian County TRIAD is a partnership which involves Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Support and Protective Services who work together to promote senior safety, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for seniors.


Learn more about the event and about TRIAD on the Christian County TRIAD Facebook page.


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