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Fall Sports Season Means Fall Injuries; Pana Community Hospital Addressing The Need

It’s the high school sports season. While it’s time of celebration for many, it’s also a great time to highlight what happens if an injury occurs. 


Dr. David Tapscott is an Orthopedic Specialist who visits Pana Community Hospital. Orthopedic Specialists focus on correcting ailments in the skeletal system. 

You can see Dr. Tapscott every Friday at Pana Community Hospital for surgery if needed, or you can see his Nurse Practitioner. 

If a child hurts themselves playing a sport, Dr. Tapscott encourages you to schedule an appointment for a screening. 

Dr. Tapscott believes Pana Community Hospital has the right set-up for injury recovery, too. 

Learn more at panahospital.com. Dr. Tapscott appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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