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Christian County 4-H Registration Opening Soon

The new 4-H year has arrived. 


4-H Youth Development Coordinator for Christian County Alexis McDowell asks returning 4-H’ers to watch for the registration date. 

McDowell invites children from ages 5 to 18 to register. Clover Buds begin at age 5, and 4-H begins at age 8. McDowell says that the Clover Bud program is a great way to introduce kids to 4-H. 

McDowell is excited about a range of 4-H workshops coming in the next month. She says that the programs help 4-H participants in their year-long projects. There’s a little bit of fun mixed in, too. 

4-H in Christian County is looking for volunteers who possess a skill that they can teach to 4-H’ers. 

Learn more when you go to extension.illinois.edu. McDowell encourages you to pay attention to the Christian County 4-H Facebook, because that's where they will announce registration details. 


McDowell appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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