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Tennis & Pickleball Courts Resurfaced Thanks To Grant From TMF

Tennis and pickleball courts at Manners Park have been complete and with their restorations and are able to be used again and it's all thanks to a grant from the Taylorville Memorial Foundation. The grant which was $17,500 was provided through the Community Health Grant Program.  The Grant program was launched in 2021 to assist with funding health-related projects in Christian County.


Raedena Ryan, executive director of the Taylorville Memorial Foundation says that it is important to the health of the community to have clean and healthy parks and public spaces to give incentive to be outside.  She also added that investing in these types of projects creates more opportunities for people to play, exercise, and connect. 


The tennis and pickleball courts are the only public courts in Taylorville.  Prior to the restoration, the courts had been covered in cracks, faded paint, and other issues including wear and tear which made the spaces difficult to use and potentially dangerous. 


The grant funded the installation of 500 feet of crack treatment, installation of four sleeves for two pickleball courts, pressure washing, and resurfacing of both courts and court striping per guidelines established by the national assoications that regulate tennis and pickleball.  The courts also received new nets. 


Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong using a paddle and a plastic ball.  While popular in the 1960's it has seen a resurgance of popularity. The Taylorville Memorial Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organized in 1995.  The foundation accepts financial donations to help further the mission of Taylorville Memorial Hospital.  For more information about the foundation or its Community Health Grant Program, visit memorial.health/tmf or call 217-707-5271. 





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