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Taylorville Public Show Up To Rally For Local Kroger

Over 100 people showed up to a rally to reopen the Taylorville Kroger Thursday evening. Many members of the public spoke out in support of Kroger reopening and for the EPA to lift the seal that is keeping the grocery store closed.  Kroger has been shut down in Taylorville for nearly a month due to an asbestos contamination leak. 


Christian County Clerk, Jacque Willison spoke at the rally saying that the community needs Kroger.



Cindy Richards spoke on behalf of Amy Hagen with the Taylorville Food Pantry letting the public know how much Kroger does for the food pantry.



Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry thanked the many employees for their sacrifices and says he wants Kroger back. He says he’s been contacting legislators. 



To see the rally in its entirety, visit this story on the Taylorville Daily News Facebook page. 



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