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96.5 THE CHILL Debuted Monday Morning

Christian County’s all-new radio station debuted on the airwaves Monday. 


Station president Randal J. Miller introduced 96.5 THE CHILL at 8 in the morning. 

Miller says that this format is also accessible at taylorvilledailynews.com. 

In case you’re wondering, Miller played Frank Sinatra as the station’s first “official” song. 

Winners of 50-dollar gas cards given away in Music Trivia contests thru-out the day included Penny Wiliams of Palmer; Kenny Hayes and Rose Wolff of Oconee; Joyce Wilcox and Julie Barber of Pana; Rick Reichart and Bob Parks of Shelbyville; Debbie Wiseman, Stephanie Holthaus, and Paul Held, all from Taylorville.


Listen online at 965thechill.com and set a button on your FM dial for 96.5 for Central Illinois’ largest soft hits library.

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