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One Man Arrested After Trespassing Incident At Jail

A situation at the Christian County Jail on Sunday evening led to a misdemeanor arrest and the Christian County Sheriff’s Office looking at new procedures for safety.  Sunday night, a man posed as an attorney and tried to make his way into the facility. Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp sat down with Regional Radio News to explain what happened.



Sheriff Kettelkamp then explained what happened next saying that his dispatchers are some of the busiest people at the jail and that a lot of things happened at once. Shortly after 44-year-old Kristina Lindsey was arrested, confusion happened when a man was allowed in through a Sallie port door. 



Sheriff Kettelkamp says the man claimed to be an attorney for her, but officers quickly realized that wasn’t the case. 



After investigation, officers were able to determine that it was 46 year old James Lindsey of Taylorville and that he was under the influence. 



Sheriff Kettelkamp says that the jail is safe, and there was no chance for prisoners to escape.


Lindsey was charged with criminal trespass to state property in connection with the incident, a misdemeanor. Sheriff Kettelkamp says that there will be some changes made to security including better lighting to prevent a situation like this from happening again. We encourage you to Click here to hear the full interview with Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp concerning this story.

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