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Christian County Board To Meet

The Christian County Board will meet on Tuesday, July 19th at 6:30 PM at the Christian County Court House in Taylorville, Illinois. After public comments, the board will review a report on state police investigations.  The board will approve Dr. Leslie Devore to the health board. The animal control director will be discussed. After reviewing some zoning ordinance, the board will go into agenda items.  


Under highway, building, grounds, environmental, zoning, and welfare, the board will go over normal lissues including an animal control update, an investigator working in Christian County, a tree removal, and a courthouse update.  Under executive, personnel, liquor, legislative the board will get an EMA update, discuss an additional jailer, go over an ARPA request, talk EMA and hear about the Sheriff's Office.  The board will also go over a 9-1-1 agreement and non bargaining starting salary policy and take a look at the personnel handbook.


The board will also approve claims, go over a budget hearing schedule, and hear about ACT internet.  Under new business the board will talk about broadband with Shelby Electric, get a farmland assessment, hear from Bill Kennedy on a standards booklet, review closed session minutes, go over the rules for the board, talk zoning, and go over reports.


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on the conclusion of today's meeting. 

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