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Law Enforcement Agencies Warning Of Increased Car Break-Ins & Burglaries

Law enforcement agencies in Christian County are encouraging residents to be extra aware and take the necessary precautions after a recent string of break-ins and car burglaries outside of the Taylorville City Limits.  The Taylorville Police Department says that with warmer weather, criminals are looking for easy scores. They offer some tips including making sure cameras are functioning and charged, parking your vehicle as close to your residence as possible and in a well-lit area, or even having a motion-activated light in the area you park your vehicle.  Kia’s and Hyundais seem to be the most targeted vehicles that are stolen.


According to studies, there are 810,400 reported car robberies each year with 21,098 cars stolen in Illinois alone every year. This means that every 43 seconds in the United States, a car is stolen. To deter car thefts, use audible and visual deterrent methods such as car alarms, steering locks, and brake locks. Do not leave vehicles unlocked and make sure valuables are kept out of sight. 


The Christian County Sheriff’s Office encourages you to get into a “9 PM Routine” where you go through a checklist at 9 pm every night making sure you remove valuables, lock your door, close the garage door, lock the inner garage door, close and lock all exterior doors, shut and lock all exterior windows, and turn on exterior lights. 


If you see anything suspicious please call either the Taylorville Police Department non-emergency number at 217-824-2211 or the Christian County Sheriff’s Office at 217-824-4961. 

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